Our curriculum is specially and specifically picked to encompass all that Open Arms stands for and believes in, as well as to support developmental milestones for each age group.

The curriculum is based on our knowledge that children learn best through their first-hand sensory experiences of feeling, listening, tasting, smelling, and observing. Children need to handle, manipulate, experiment and explore; however, they also need and expect certain guidelines, rules, and routines in order to feel save and secure. It is our task to provide various materials and learning opportunities as well as the protective controls that children need for optimal learning.

The program includes outdoor and gym play–with games, exploring, and exercise. Indoor child-selected play–with developmentally appropriate toys, music, story time, nature study, field trips, early phonics, and sand/water play. Spiritual aspects of the program include prayer, songs, Bible stories, and chapel. At Open Arms we meet each child where they are at developmentally, assess the child, and plan for new growth in all the various areas of development.

In the summer we try to fill the gap of learning that can be lost over the three months that children are out of school. It is our goal to review and keep those skills that were learned during the regular school year.

We use Open Arms Curriculum.