MicroSociety© is a magnet for kids. This fun, jam-packed, real-world learning environment combines academics and enrichment in one engaging design. As children navigate the caring community they create, they practice skills and solve problems, grow in financial literacy, and learn teamwork and cooperation.  They have already written their own city charter, elected a mayor, and opened a government center to serve the citizens.  They have designed their own currency for paying wages and taxes, rent and utilities, and shopping at their peers’ businesses.

The economy of this small town, which children have named Saint City, is thriving — catering to the demands of their pint-sized customers.  Our young entrepreneurs take out start-up loans from their own bank – loans they must repay with interest.  More new ventures open every year.

Open Arms is the only place in South Dakota that offers this opportunity year round to children from 2 to 12.  It’s the perfect way for kids to learn and practice 21st Century skills!