Adventurers | 4 Years Old

DSC00070Adventurers 4 is a class that focuses on pre-kindergarten skills, the natural next step from the Adventurers 3,  this class picks up and takes the center curriculum to the next level.  We encourage the child to learn by doing and experiencing in a safe and well-supervised environment.  We use field trips and other special experiences to extend the children’s knowledge of the world around them.  Consistency is given through routine; variety is promoted through activities to stimulate all areas of development.  Social interaction is encouraged, communication and cognitive skills enhanced, and emotional, spiritual development carefully nurtured.

Children in this class rotate through centers as well as experience circle time, small group activities, and gym/outside time.  Pastor leads the children in regular chapel worship, prayers are said before snacks and meals, and daily Bible story time is all part of the learning.