Swaddlers | 6 Weeks to 11 months

DSC00020Swaddlers are children age 6 weeks to 11 months. An infant’s capacity to learn is present from birth.  Infants learn about their world primarily through social contact – the experiences they have with those who take care of them beginning at birth.  Every infant is an individual with a unique temperament.

All infants possess a set of skills and abilities that change with development.  Although the rate, pattern, and quality of development vary from child to child, all infants progress through similar stages of development.Our Swaddler program is closely attuned to the predictable sequences of normal infant development in the areas of motor skills, language and communication, cognition and socialization.  This development occurs by the caregivers playing with the children, talking to them, making faces, and responding to them.  Consistency in response makes the child’s environment more predictable and comfortable.  Varied experiences such as textures, different food, shapes and sounds, going for strolls outside, and watching out the window help to stimulate your child.

Schedules in this room vary as the infants needs are met immediately.  Children eat and sleep according to what is natural to them.  Open Arms provides a crib for each child along with other developmentally appropriate toys and various areas that children can rotate through during the day.  Younger infants are encouraged as they begin rolling around, begin to sit on their own, and crawl.  The older Swaddlers are provided opportunities to “cruise” around objects and then eventually take those first steps!



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