Toddlers | 24 Months to 35 Months

Making a Mural

Making a Mural

Toddlers are not babies and they are not pre-schoolers!  These children are 24 months to almost 3.  These are children that proudly and loudly say, “me do it”!   Toddlers begin to get a taste of our preschool curriculum as they use a beginning phonics program, and alternate “centers” where they experience learning in a dramatic play area, block area, library area, and do sensory learning with sand, corn, play dough, etc…  Toddlers can be messy as they become more independent, they will wear their spaghetti and perhaps “accidentally” paint their shirt!

In the Toddler room we continue those important social interactions that were started in the Waddler room.  We continue to monitor the emotions and moods of students and redirect when we see DANGER!  Biting, pinching, and hitting can still be lingering in their little minds at this age and so staff work hard to teach words to help describe and guide these students, “use your words” is a common phrase that begins in this room and follows them through pre-school.

Beginning in the Toddler rooms, each room has their own bathroom.  For Toddlers this is ideal for potty training!  A  Toddler’s biggest transition is from diapers over to pull-ups and underwear.  They take potty breaks every hour and receive only positive reinforcement for their successes and tries.










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