Waddlers | 12 Months to 23 Months

IMG_4065Waddlers are those children that are transitioning from infancy into toddler-hood and are 12-23 months.  They are typically wobbling their way around and are taking everything around them in.   Waddlers begin to explore their world through sensory experiences, they may play in a sand table, play with play dough, do a gluing project, or various other experiences that they can touch, smell, hear, or just down right get dirty while playing!

 The Waddler room has cots to sleep on. They eat their meals and snacks on a low table with little chairs just their size. Waddlers have schedules that include gym time, outdoor time, arts and crafts, learning, reading, and center based play.

Sharing and social issues begin to be the main focus in this room.  Learning “nice touches” and “my turn” are familiar themes here.  Waddlers are just beginning to speak and be able to articulate spontaneous language.  They are experiencing moods and emotions but just can’t quite put them into words.  Biting, pinching, and  hitting are common foes of these rooms.  Our staff works hard to monitor the children and to teach “be nice to our friends”, “our mouth is for eating” , and “fingers are for clapping” type redirection.  We strive to keep all children safe in their environment!