SonShiners Summer Camp

MicroSociety allows kids to learn real life skills by running their own businesses and making their own money to purchase items. SonShiners Summer Camp is care for children ages five through twelve years old, attending kindergarten through sixth grade. Through the summer months we include a fun review of reading and math, science, art, music, and nature studies through themed learning centers. Learning activities alternate with indoor and outdoor play to assist with short attention spans and boredom.
The children are able to discuss age appropriate issues in daily life as they work their way through a school age devotional learning guide. Children are given the time to think about the stories, their meaning, and how it affects them personally. They are encouraged and challenged to apply the lessons to their own lives at the Center, home, and school. The MicroSociety Program is explored in the summer, which helps bring structure to the classroom as well as real life learning. The children participate in service projects in the community on one of their weekly field trips. They also participate in a mentoring program with the younger classrooms where they interact, play, and read to the younger children!

Field trips are taken three times per week, ranging from swimming at various Sioux Falls swimming pools, hiking on area trails, museum exploration, and also visits to local businesses. Breakfast, lunch, and one afternoon snack are included!